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wearing no clothes; naked.

Some brands describe products as ‘nude’ when what they really mean is cream or beige. This widespread usage of ‘nude,’ interchangeably with beige, is another instance of casual racism. This is because as a society where white privilege prevails, white is the standard skin tone and non-white skin is other. This idea that ‘nude’ is one color results in an astounding range of products which make no attempt at inclusivity.

What Is Nude Against Nude

Nude Against Nude confronts brands who treat ‘nude’ as a color that matches only white skin, neglecting millions of others. The photo series is challenging brands directly by showcasing the contrast between “nude” and the vast range of skin tones. Photos are displayed both on Instagram and wild postings around New York City. It goes one step further with a petition that demands that these brands change any products labelled “nude” to beige or cream.

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What color is nude? Get behind the project trying to include everyone in the answer. #NudeAgainstNude

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Sign the Nude Against Nude petition today, because brands need to know that nude is more than one color.

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